Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hello, Blog World!

"To blog or not to blog...that is the question!?!"  At least the question I've been pondering lately.  I've so much enjoyed reading others blogs about the great things and sometimes hard things their families go through and it has encouraged me so much to see how God leads them.  "So, why don't we start a blog to share our family, our adoption story, etc.,etc."  my husband asks?  Knowing, he knew full well of my computer illiteracy, I
laughed :)  And yet here I am, typing my first entry...what changed?  Well, I began to remember where I was in my life a few years ago.  Doing my best to stay under the radar, living life to get by, being content with meritocracy in my marriage, my family , my relationship with God and pretty much being satisfied in my comfy little "box" of a life. (Been there, done that?)  And then little by little,  God began to turn my little "box" of a life upside down!  Everything I had thought I had figured out about life wasn't working anymore.  I couldn't hold together any longer the  act  of "having it all together". What everyone saw as this "perfect" little marriage, with 4 beautiful kids, a house, 2 dogs and yes even the picket (well kinda of) fence was crashing down on top of me and I found myself in the lowest point I had ever been in my life.  And now to that I say, "THANK YOU LORD JESUS!"  Believe me, it took me awhile to get to that point, but then I realized it was in the pit of life that I most clearly saw God's grace and my total dependence on Him.  From that point on, I was FREE!  Free to be absolutely, totally dependent on my Savior,  free to not have it all together and that be perfectly fine, free to share my life with others with no concerns of  how I may "look" to them, free to live without fear of what God may be asking me to do, free to completely, emphatically, and purposefully live my life off the sidelines and in the real game!  And my friends, that's what changed!  I can no longer be a spectator of life!  Those of you who know me, know that I'm not exactly keen on being in the limelight, I'm more the behind the scenes kinda girl, but when God begins to transform you, your life and how you live it, you can no longer sit quietly!  So, with all that said (whew!) my desire for this blog is not to call attention to the Upchurch clan, but rather to share all that God has done and is doing in our lives...to simply MAKE HIM FAMOUS!  Thank you for allowing me to share my heart as babbling as it may be sometimes :)
Love and Blessings,    Tina 


  1. Well Tina, I for one, am so eager to get to "know" you and watch this journey that God has set before you! It is my privilege to PRAY you through it! So...BOTTOM LINE is that I am glad you are blogging it! Your blog just might lead another family to adopt as well! YIPPEE!

  2. So excited to walk this path beside you. I am taking notes and cheering you on every step of the way.Rejoicing with you!